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Remote included.
Key Features . Up to five stereo inputs (2 digital and 3 analog) . No compromise 24 Bit DAC for Digital Inputs - 115dB dynamic range .
Completely passive audio path - no transistors or IC's . Up to three sets of monitor outputs; each with passive volume trims . Talkback microphone
with volume to feed cue outputs . Both analog VU and digital LED meters . Front panel headphone jack with volume . MAIN and CUE Stereo Output
each have independent input source
Three sets of analog stereo inputs accommodate DAW/Mixer, Tape/CD, or Keyboard/Sampler outputs. Two of these analog inputs feature TRS
Balanced jacks and the third stereo input features RCA inputs with a trim control for matching unbalanced signals. In addition, the Central Station
will accommod...
SSL  X-Desk   (729712X1)
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Meeting the demand for a world class, compact SSL mixing desk, X-Desk combines a 16 channel SSL SuperAnalogueT summing mixer with a compact analogue audio hub for your studio. Small enough to be easily transported, X-Desk fulfills all the essentials of the audio mixing process, with typical SSL attention to detail and depth, including smooth 100mm faders, comprehensive artist & studio monitoring with Dim & Cut buttons, Stereo and Mono Aux sends, channel and Master Bus Inserts and accurate bar graph level metering.