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AMS Neve
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33609 100.00 200.00 250.00 400.00 600.00
The 33609 is divided into two sections, with all stepped controls for instant recall. From left to right the user is presented with first limiter controls, and then compression controls. In the circuit, the compressor section comes first and the limiter second, as would be expected-the physical layout is an inherent idiosyncrasy with all Neve compressors, and part of the charm, if you will. Threshold and recovery controls are present with six release times available, two of which achieve program dependent release, much like the Fairchild. The limiter also features a slow and fast attack switch that I found somewhat subtle.

The compressor has similar threshold and recovery controls as the limiter, plus ratio selection and makeup gain. The unit also has global gain reduction bypa...
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VT-747SP 75.00 140.00 200.00 275.00 425.00
Compresseur stéréo à lampes avec égalisateur.
Compresseur optique stéréo à lampes à circuits discrets Classe A avec égalisateur 4 bandes et circuit paramétrique auxiliaire 2 bandes HF-LF pour contrôle spectrale Indicateur VU gros format. Mesure 2U.
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Elysia Expressor 500 20.00 35.00 45.00 75.00 100.00
The Elysia xpressor 500 is an extremely versatile stereo compressor available in API's 500 series format. With its many unique features taken from our flagship products, you not only get great compression, but an amount of control on processing which is hardly ever experienced elsewhere.

No matter if you want to set and forget or plunge deep into the secrets of compression, the xpressor 500 is for you. Its discrete audio path running in constant class-A mode provides a superior audio quality which combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch.

Stereo buss compression, processing single signals, approaching dynamics in creative ways - the xpressor 500 shines in many different applications. Best of elysia? You got it!
Empirical Labs
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EL7 Fatso 65.00 125.00 160.00 250.00 375.00
The Empirical Labs EL-7 FATSO is a modern digitally controlled analog device that offers many of the "musical non-linearity's" exhibited by the older tube, class A discrete, and magnetic tape mediums. This two channel audio processor will musically integrate frequencies and transients and increase the apparent volume without actual increase in peak levels. In addition, two channels of famous Empirical Labs compression are provided. There are several compressor "types" with fixed attacks and releases (if you want a fully controllable compressor, you will need the Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor!). Users can enhance & soften the sound of mediums such as modular digital multitracks (MDM's), HD recorders, DAT recorders, RAM Recorders etc. Mixdown engineers will have an option not to use bulky, ...
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Variable-Mu Mastering edition 75.00 150.00 250.00 420.00 600.00
It is one of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in Mastering studios and contributed to most hit records over the last decade and probably the next. "Mu" is tube-speak for gain, and Variable Mu? is our registered trademark for this limiter compressor. It works by using the "remote cut-off" or re-biasing of a vacuum tube to achieve compression. The precious vintage Fairchild 670 also uses this technique and is one of few all-tube compressor to do so, that we know of. Even the side-chain has glowing rectifier bottles.