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The ISA 430 MKII represents the pinnacle of Focusrite's analogue channel strip technology, bringing together all the classic designs in one comprehensive production tool. Augmented with additional features and flavours, alongside unmatched internal routing and connectivity, the ISA 430 MKII enables today's recording professional to enjoy the unique sonic contribution of these heritage designs within one extremely versatile processor. Focusrite's iconic status as the leading manufacturer of channel strips remains unrivalled.

. Classic Focusrite transformer-based Mic-pre with variable impedance and 'Air' feature . Multi format Compressor; switch between Focusrite's transparent VCA circuit and a vintage optical circuit . Unmatched flexibility, incredible variety of insert points, variable signal paths . Can function as 4 separate modular processors . Precision VU metering of input level, Insert 1 or 2 Return level, Compressor gain reduction or Sidechain listen level (switched) . Classic Focusrite EQ design; an expanded version of the original ISA 110 . Post mic pre output for the shortest possible signal path . Proprietary Focusrite discrete Class A VCA Gate and Expander designs . 'Listen' feature for precise control over compression, gating, expansion and de-essing . De-esser design based on optical technology for lower distortion and transparency . Soft Limiter . Optional Stereo A/D - 24-bit 192 kHz Delta Sigma converter.

The input section on the ISA 430 MKII features a large, professional-grade VU Meter with adjustable calibration. Additional visual monitoring is available through the inclusion of two LED bar graph meters. As with the ISA 428, the ISA 430 MKII has a variable impedance option on its classic transformer-based Mic-pre, ranging from 600 to 6800? (at 1kHz). This provides the engineer with increased control over the interaction between microphone and preamp, tailoring the response to suit his or her needs. Pressing the 'Air' switch further extends this principle, introducing an inductor circuit into the secondary of the transformer, which adds clarity and 'spaciousness' to the signal without the need for EQ. The split configurable Inserts and changeable signal path order combine to produce an unrivalled flexibility; herein lies the real benefit of the ISA 430 MKII as a 'do-all' processor for the most demanding of engineers. Both Inserts can be used to separate the individual sections of the channel strip. This means that if the postmic output and ADC inputs are in use, the ISA 430MKII can function as four discrete processors simultaneously! A significant development from the original ISA 430 can be found in the Compressor section, which now boasts a vintage opto circuit in addition to the original discrete Class A VCA design. Selecting the optical Compressor or Limiter results in a more coloured sound, as opposed to the extremely transparent VCA circuit. The ISA 430 MKII features the same classic Focusrite EQ as the original ISA 110, but with two extra frequency values for both the high and low shelving, and with the added benefit of being able to insert the EQ into the sidechain of the Compressor and Gate sections. This allows for fully frequency-conscious compression, gating and expansion, making the ISA 430 MKII the most powerful dynamics processor yet developed. All four dynamic processors; the compressor, gate, expander and de-esser, feature Focusrite's unique 'Listen' feature. Selecting 'Listen', inverts the operation of the processor, so only the chosen frequencies that are being affected can be heard, rather than straining to hear the overall effect in a complex signal. The sensitively designed soft Limiter, also present in the ISA 428, can be made to act on both the analogue output and the inputs to the optional ADC. The gradual changes in ratio leading up to 0dBFS produce a gentler limiting effect whilst still preventing a level overload. The optional stereo A/D card provides the ISA 430 MKII with 24-bit 192kHz capabilities and employs the same converters as those featured in the TEC award nominated ISA 428.
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