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Gator  GM-15-TSA
199.00$ CAD   
eatures: ATA Molded Case w/ Drops for 15 Mics; TSA Latches Lightweight polyethylene construction TSA locking latches Black uninterrupted valance Fits 15 microphone drops.
Gator  G-TOUR M15
229.00$ CAD   
Tour style flight case version of GM-15 . 9 ply marine grade plywood shell with 1.0 mil polyethylene exterior construction. The extruded aluminum valance is tongue and grooved which is the professional construction technique for a very reliable and extremely strong touring case. The case has triple plated chrome heavy-duty hardware which includes recessed latches and handles. The G-TOUR M15 is built to accommodate 15 microphones in its padded individual microphone drop compartments. A bonus feature is a large space for accessories, cables, wireless transmitters, batteries and clips . 15 Foam Padded Microphone Drops . Large Space For Accessories . Recessed Latches And Handles . Plywood Construction . Tongue And Groove Extrusion Aluminum Valance . Heavy-Duty Chrome Plated Hardware