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Phil Jones Bass  Bass Buddy
App 514-721-1518   
It's a bass compressor/limiter.
It's an EQ dedicated for bass instruments. It's an active DI box. It's a headphone amplifier with more power than you ever need. It has a stereo input and volume control for your drum machine/MP3/walkman. It's a preamplifier with enough oomph to power any amp and even a speaker. It is battery powered and has an AC adaptor. It's superbly built with 1/4" thick CNC machined aluminum front panel and stainless steel case. It comes with a padded carrying case.
Radial Engineering  Firefly Tube Direct Box&n...
629.00$ CAD   
The Radial Firefly is a high output tube direct box designed for stage and studio. It combines Radial's award winning zero negative feedback class-A front end with the warmth and character of a 12AX7 tube drive circuit and Radial's legendary transformer coupled output.
The Firefly features A and B instrument inputs with easy access level controls to accelerate instrument changes on stage. This enables the artist to switch between two different instruments and deliver a consistent signal to the PA system and on-stage amp. Switching can be done via the front panel or with the optional JR2 remote control. This connects to the Firefly using a balanced cable and adds a mute function for quiet on-stage adjustments.
To optimize performance with electric bass, the Firefly is equipped with ...
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