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Antelope Audio  Edge Microphone
Nouveauté 1095.00$ CAD   
Edge is a modeling microphone by Antelope Audio, suited for the manufacturer's real-time mic preamp modeling. Combined with the already highly acclaimed Antelope Audio FPGA Vintage Compressors & EQ?s, this new modeling microphone will comprise a true cutting edge front end that will usher in a new era for modern recording.
Edge features dual edge-terminated capsules for a smooth/natural sound reproducing the expressiveness and character of expensive classic microphones. Antelope founder Igor Levin designed groundbreaking fully discrete electronics. Hand selected capsules encased in a carefully crafted enclosure with contours and shape for optimal sonic performance. Edge is an exquisite large diaphragm microphone with excellent transient response and capable of multiple polar patterns.
Antelope Audio  Verge Microphone
Nouveauté 189.00$ CAD   
Small diaphragm microphone for used with new accusonic 3D modeling engine.