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klark Teknik  DN360   (DN360)
1088.00$ CAD   
Dual channel, 30-band, 1/3 octave graphic EQ
klark Teknik  DN370   (DN370)
929.00$ CAD   
Dual channel, 30-band band, 1/3 octave graphic EQ, variable Hi and Lo pass filters, 2-sweepable notch filters per channel, balanced outputs.
klark Teknik  DN540   (DN540)
1599.00$ CAD   
Creative quad compressor
klark Teknik  SQ1D   (SQ1D)
696.00$ CAD   
The constantly-changing hardware requirements of technical riders are just one of the many issues audio rental companies and live music venues have to deal with. Having to retain a comprehensive inventory of different devices, as well as reconfiguring outboard processing racks is a costly, time-consuming task, further complicated by the number of hardware options available.
klark Teknik  SQ1G   (SQ1G)
619.00$ CAD   
SQUARE ONE Graphic Equalizer: Dual channel, 30-band band, 1/3 octave, Hi Pass (80 Hz.) and Lo Pass (12kHz.) filters, balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS Input/Output, 3RU