Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC

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The Zodiac Platinum DSD D/A converter takes audio to a new level, offering the audiophile community the most comprehensive, top-end DSD and PCM sample rate support.
The widest DSD and PCM Support
The Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC supports up to DSD128 (Double-DSD) and 384kHz, 24-bit streaming to a custom-designed, ultra-low jitter USB connection, as well as AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK PCM support.

The DSD features include a unique 256X upsampling mode where DSD64 and DSD128 are upsampled to DSD256, thereby releasing the true potential of DSD - delivering new standards in accuracy, transparency, imaging, and dynamics.

The unit compliments the high-resolution PCM inputs with switchable 64-bit precision 8x linear phase upsampling using a dedicated FPGA and Independent dual DACs per channel to eliminate crosstalk and improve dynamic range and linearity.

Signature Antelope clocking
The foundation of the Zodiac Platinum is the renowned 64-bit, Acoustically Focused Clocking and the ultra-low jitter oven-controlled crystal oscillator, which stand as a guarantee of unprecedented sound quality - used by the best recording, mastering, and post production studios around the world.

In addition, the Platinum is equipped with a 10MHz input for the legendary Antelope 10M Rubidium atomic clock, providing the most accurate and stable clocking reference, and uncompromising digital to analog conversion.

Distinctive pedigree and highly evolved technology
Zodiac Platinum has inherited the stepped relay volume control and the dual-stage headphone drivers with impedance control from its very successful predecessor, the Zodiac Gold. It also comes with supplied with the 2nd Generation Voltikus external audiophile grade power supply and an elegant remote control.
Dynamic Range: 129 dB
THD + N: 0.0004%
USB: 2.0 Hi-Speed. Data stream up to 480Mbits/384kHz, Type B
Clocking System: 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking 64 bit DDS Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
Clock Stability: < +/- 0.02 PPM, oven controlled at 64.5°C
Clock Ageing: < 1 ppm per year
Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, (352.8kHz and 384kHz through USB only)
Inputs: 10M / WC on BNC: 10MHz sine wave 44.1 - 384 kHz, 1x AES/EBU XLR: 44.1 - 192 kHz, 2x S/PDIF RCA: 44.1 - 192 kHz, 2x RCA Analog: -10dBv Unbalanced (2V rms max), 2x 14" TRS Analog: +4dBu Balanced (26 dBu max). 2x Optical TOSLINK
Outputs: 2x Analog XLR. Balanced, fully-differential drive. Trimmable 14 to 26 dBu @ 0dBFS. Preset to 20 dBu. 56 to GND. NOTE: This is the peak value with headroom included and should not be mistaken with the averaged value of +4dBu stated on the back panel. 1x AES/EBU De-Jittered, re clocked Digital Output. 110 . 2x S/PDIF De-Jittered, re-clocked Digital Outputs. 75 . 2x Analog RCA: Trimmable Unbalanced between 0 dBv and +12 dBv with a +6 dBv default. 2Vrms max, 56 . 2x Headphones: 20 dBu @ 0dBFS. 120 or 0 switchable.
Operating Temperature: 0-50°C, 32-122°F
Weight: 2 kg, 4.4 lb
Dimensions (Approx): 165mm (W) x 112mm (H) x 190mm (D) 6.5"(W) x 4.4"(H) x 7.5"(D)
Power Supply: Input: +18VDC, 15W (no line "Output").