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klark Teknik  DN100
145.00$ CAD   

The KLARK TEKNIK DN100 Single Channel Active Direct Injection Box is designed to provide an extended dynamic range, lower noise floor and all the world-class audio performance you'd expect from KLARK TEKNIK. The DN100 is built to handle the rigours of life on the road: a thick aluminium shell protects the electronics, and this in turn is protected by a tough silicone rubber casing.

The DN100 was designed for professional applications where +48 V phantom power is a standard feature on all mixing consoles. Some DI boxes offer both phantom power and 9V battery operation, however the design compromises required to support both power sources means that the audio performance is degraded. Most notably the amount of signal headroom available. The clip point of the DN100 i...
klark Teknik  SQ1S   (SQ1S)
774.00$ CAD   
SQUARE ONE Splitter: 8 Input / 24 Output; Midas XL8 derived mic preamp (0dB to +40dB), 30 Hz. Hi pass filter, 48 volt phantom with remote control from desk, three way splitter (2 Active and 1 Transformer Balanced Output) or a 1 x 16 Media Split, includes Solo Bus and headphone amplifier, 2RU.