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Alesis  MicLink Wireless
119.00$ CAD   
Digital Wireless Microphone Adapter

This is What Wireless Freedom Looks Like

MicLink Wireless aims to take the complexity, frustration, and cost out of traditional wireless systems - creating a flexible, all-in-one solution that gets you up and running with the dynamic mic of your choice.

Four Steps to Wireless Freedom

We've simplified the unnecessarily complicated world of wireless systems to the following:

1. Plug the MicLink Wireless universal XLR transmitter into your dynamic mic of choice.
2. Turn on the receiver.
3. Press and hold the pair button on the receiver and transmitter for 3 seconds.
4. Start performing - for up to 60 feet, for over 6 hours, and with up to 5 wireless systems working simultaneously.

Audio Technica  AT-GcW
31.00$ CAD   
Hi-Z instrument/guitar cable with 1/4" phone plug, terminated for use with UniPak® transmitter. Wireless Essentials®
DPA  DAD6010   (DAD6010)
App 514-721-1518   
Adapter: Shure U1, UT1, SC1, ULX1, TOA WM4300
DPA  DAD6034   (DAD6034)
App 514-721-1518   
DAD6034: Sennheiser Evolution/G2, /X2 Digital Wireless Systems

Adapter for use with DPA's series of Miniature Microphones.

MicroDot to Mini-Jack (with thread)
Leem  MT-60   (MT-60)
24.49$ CAD