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M-Audio  Vocal Studio
129.00$ CAD   
Personal Recording Studio


Vocal Studio brings world-class audio to all your computer recording projects. Lay down vocals on your latest tune. Narrate your next podcast. Add a voice-over to your multimedia production. Vocal Studio does it all. The unique combination of high-performance hardware and easy-to-use software makes it possible. Simply plug the Producer USB microphone into your computer, fire up the Ignite music software, and you're ready to record. The microphone delivers exceptional clarity, and provides a convenient headphone jack for low-latency monitoring. Totally intuitive, Ignite offers the fastest path for capturing your ideas and creating compelling audio tracks.

Record professional-sounding vocals and more

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Rode  NT-USB
219.00$ CAD   
MICROPHONE STUDIO USB, Cardioid, filtre antiplosifs, trépied, anneau de montage, pochette et câble USB de 6m (20'). Prise écouteurs 3.5mm libres de latence, compatibles avec PC Windows, OS MAC et iPad via connecteur caméra optionnelle de Apple. Garantie de 2 ans.
299.00$ CAD   
Microphone USB dynamique. Fourni avec support pour pied de microphone, fil USB et logiciel gratuit sur le site
Samson  Samson Meteor USB mic   (ME...
App 514-721-1518   
Large diaphragms USB Condenser Mic,volume adjust/mute/headphone out