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Apex  460
329.00$ CAD   
The Apex460 is a high performance wide diaphragm vacuum tube studio condenser microphone that delivers incredible versatility and tone. Competing easily with far more expensive microphones in its class, the Apex460 is an outstanding choice as the main microphone for any professional studio, home studio, or any of the computer based direct to hard drive recording system.
Apex  ACT 4 Deluxe Cable Tester
52.50$ CAD   
New from Yorkville, the ACT4 lets you test a wider assortment of cables for continuity and phase while lead probes also permit testing circuits, eg. passive crossovers.


? Easy to use 8-way rotary control
? Individual LED's confirm continuity of each conductor as well as proper phase connection
? Rugged and compact all metal chassis
? Continuity check lead probes included
? Requires 9v battery (included)
? Tests All Types of Audio Cables Including:
XLR (3-pin & 5-pin) Male & Female
1/4-inch TRS Balanced & 1/4-inch TRS Unbalanced
1/8th-inch TRS
Speakon2, 4 & 8 Conductor
Banana Plug
3,5,7 & 8 -Pin MIDI / DIN / Sync Cables