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SWR  Cabinet Goliath JR   (441-0700...
App 514-721-1518   
Features: 2x10 enclosure, 350 watts handling, custom SWR speakers, horn tweeter with attenuator, dual Speakon and 1/4 speaker jacks, side spring-loaded handles, vibration-free shock-mounted chrome grill, front slot port. Impedance: 4 or 8 ohms, each model available.
SWR  Redhead   (442-0100-010)
App 514-721-1518   
Welcome to the party! 2008 marks the twentieth anniversary of a love affair between bassists and the most influential (and most imitated) bass combo amplifier in history - the SWR Redhead. The original Redhead revolutionized bass guitar amplification by combining SWR's crystal-clear full-range tube preamp with a robust solid-state power platform into a rock solid, yet easily portable 2X10 cabinet. Loaded with two state-of-the-art 10" speakers and a high frequency horn, the Redhead sounded simply phenomenal and offered unprecedented patching options designed to meet the needs of discerning bassists, whether playing live or in the studio. Twenty years later, its features are far more than just relevant - they remain industry standards.